Afro Jack ft. Ty Dolla Sign - "Gone" (Directed by CALMATIC)

The video starts off inside of a diner in the early morning. Older people drinking coffee and newspapers while a clean, white collar, white guy is siting at a booth for two alone. He seems very anxious because he's waiting for someone and they're late. Finally, a lady arrives rushed with a nervous grin on her face. She's dressed in a nice short sexy business suit almost like she's a coworker lets imagine they work at a financial firm. They sit down, the waitress takes their order and they begin talking and looking over paper work.

Throughout the video they will be sitting having an intense conversation. It will seem as if they are talking about something work related. Pointing at all these pieces of paperwork and trying to stay calm and not yell in a public place. Patrons near by are staring at them etc. As the song builds up and reaches another climax they continue to argue then we all of a sudden cut to flashbacks of them making love in a motel room; implying that this relationship is more than work related. There's something there deeper. We then cut back to the argument, their full on yelling now. They will get closer and closer to each other as they yell. Then all of a sudden they move in for a sloppy yet passionate kiss. They then JUMP UP on top of the tables with guns drawn. The patrons in the diner scramble and panic. They Rob the diner! 

The whole concept is one of them fucked up some accounts at their corporate job and they know that they are about to get fired or even worst arrested. So they decide to risk it all and go out in the blaze of glory. 

At the end of the robbery the duo runs outside and we find Afro Jack in a old school get away car. They dive in the back seat and just as the police arrive, they pull off. 


Note: There are plenty of places for cameos in this video. Afro Jack could be a manager at the diner or the get away driver, same with Ty. He could be a patron at the diner or a bus boy.