We want to present an outrageously high energy vintage dance party in the spirit of 70's soul and hip hop.

We open on the backs of a group of chocolate skinned young adults dressed in their finest fits hanging by and old school Cadillac! We follow them as they pass a long line and into an old school dance hall. You can feel the energy in the air as every-one is decked out in vintage 70's gear, dressed to impress and ready to have a good time. 

As we enter the party shots of various people dancing and grooving are quickly intercut as the sound of the booming bass picks up! The camera glides through the dance floor dipping and dogging dancers as we boom up to reveal Big Boi on stage as the MC of this bumping party, performing and working the crowd like they used to rock parties back in the day!

The party is rocking as we intercut shots of big boi on stage performing and hyping the crowd as well as catching the atmosphere of the party showing glimpses of people posing and taking photos at this dope vintage backdrop.

The energy is building and building until at the top of the break a dance battle breaks out between to rival crews. Slow and fast motion shots highlight both crews dancing as we cut from each crew to Big Boi, now playing the character of "the judge" as he watches over the dance floor! 

The crews hit some of their best finishing moves as the whole party is erupting. Everyone looks up to Big Boi for his final judgement, as he suddenly hops off the stage and into the crowd! The crews back up and a circle forms as Big Boi breaks out dancing doing the dopest moves showing them all how its done. For this scene we would actually super impose Big Bois head on dancers body giving the crazy performance.