Bryson is laying in his bed alone at night, his eyes wide open. He can't sleep. He's thinking about his ex-girlfriend, he has a hunch that she's with a new person and he realizes that he fucked up. He wants her back, by any means. Even if he has to physically go steal her back from her new and current situation. This situation has drove him that crazy.

For the first part of the video we will show him at his home contemplating this mission. We'll show him taking a bath, looking at hisself in the mirror practicing what he's going to do, stressing, thinking, getting dress, grabbing his weapon, etc. These scenes will continue throughout the whole video.

Throughout the first verse we will go to him as he sets out on this mission to save his woman. In the middle of the night he will be walking through neighborhoods and streets that give off a eerie yet colorful vibe (see reference images). We will use a few special camera techniques that will pull on the emotional parts of the song. 

One of the first instances where we'll use these techniques will be when Bryson performs those classic lines "Lord please save her for me..." We will have him gliding down the isles of a small church performing that part similar to the Spike Lee dolly shots in Malcolm X. 

During the second verse we will show Bryson reminiscing on his relationship. We will show him and his old girlfriend interacting and loving each other, smoking, drinking etc. We will show them dancing and vibing out to the music played on their Beats Pill. During the flashbacks Bryson will have a different vibe. He will be more of a cocky asshole type of dude. A player. His girl will be bringing him food, rolling his blunt and just catering to him. She will strip for him and he'll just be sitting there counting his money barely paying attention to her. But then he will also start making out with her passionately similar to the Spike Lee dolly shot in the reference below at the 26 second mark. This will show just how toxic and unhealthy their relationship used to be.

After this "flashback" we'll pick back up in the 3rd verse with Bryson walking down the dark streets, he'll see a car, break the window and hot wire the car, now he's on the interstate putting mileage on the whip. Going to get his girl. He'll then creep up to a house, hoping to catch them by surprise. Slowly he walks towards the front door. He breaks into the door with a weapon drawn and there's no one in the front room. He walks into the kitchen there's no one there. He's confused, then finally he bursts into the room and there he sees his girl naked on the bed, and someone next to her counting money, but the person thats in the room with her is his old self. The scene will be the same as the "flashback" scene. Turns out it wasn't a flashback it was just a cut away to the current situation. 

Bryson is saving his girlfriend from the old him. 

At the end of the song when he bursts into the room with the gun drawn the old Bryson will stare at him and kind of smile like he knew that he was going to come. He will draw his gun too and now they will be facing each other face to face with guns pointing. Right before someone shoots the song will end and we'll cut back to Bryson at the small church walking down the isle. He'll walk up to the front of the church where there will be a casket with the other Bryson in a casket, but we won't know which one is which. Leaving the idea open of who was able to leave with the girl. The old asshole Bryson Tiller with the player ways or the new, improved and more humble willing to kill to redeem himself Bryson.


Whenever we hit a very impactful moment in the song, we will go into one of these dolly shots to grab the most emotion out of the viewers. For example Bryson sings "Lord please save her for me..." he will be performing while floating on a dolly down the isle of a church, similar to the Malcolm X scene at the 34 second mark in the video below. Also during the second verse when he's reminiscing on past times with his ex, we can show them caressing each other like the Denzel scene at the 26 second mark.

Play the video below...