Anderson .Paak - "Come Down" (Directed by CALMATIC)

Concept - This video takes place in a hot sweaty hole in the wall club, similar to the Marvin Gaye album cover referenced below. The energy is live and every one is dancing, really gettin’ down. Sweaty sexy black bodies everywhere.  As the camera enters the party and take us into the atmosphere Anderson will be playing multiple characters as the scenes play out.. What makes it more intriguing is that the camera is moving through the party as if its one longlong take. Within what seems to be one long take we see wild and fun dancing, high energy, and all of Anderson’s characters interacting with the party goers in different and interesting ways. For example will have Anderson playing the following characters…

Pimp - This version of Anderson is surrounded by the more seductive looking woman, waiting for a baller to stroll through so they can a piece of the pie. He has a suave demeanor as he sends out one of his girls to get on her job. 

The Performer -  Anderson Paak, giving a killer performance on stage with the Free Nationals. Giving the crowd life and a reason to dance

Hustler - This version of Anderson is a smooth dancer, a ladies man and about his money. He can get any girl he wants and can sell water to a whale. He's also slanging to all the party goers. 

The Drummer - Anderson will play a drummer on stage w/ the Free Nationals. 

Style and Aesthetic - The space will have an Idlewild feel with a modern spin. A whole in the wall where people go to really dance and get down, not just to look cool. The style is reminiscent of an underground swing club, vintage, with a jazzy rhythm & blues feel. There’s a stage where the Free Nationals are performing, table and chairs have been pushed aside to make room for the turn up, swing dancing, partying, and hanging out enjoying the music, girls signing along to the song. People are dressed modernly stylish but still with an old school feel, clothes they can dance in. Hanging from the raggedy ceiling are banners that’s say “WELCOME TO MALIBU". 

The Vibe - The hole in the wall club has a lively feel-good vibe, warm in tone and full of fun people. The video maintains a thrilling fast pace feel with funny moments that keep the viewer interested in the scene. Other captivating aspects will be the wild dancing, and the band performance from the Free Nationals. Finally at the end the party gets so hot that the fire sprinklers turn on and soaks everyone in the party but they still keep dancing. 

Execution - We can easily achieve the effect of Anderson popping up multiple times in what looks like a one-take through a style of editing used in movies like Birdman. Where cuts are so seamless and carefully timed they don’t seem like cuts at all. For example if someone were to quickly walk past the camera, we match it with another take just like it, and time the cut so it matches, making the cut completely unnoticeable. This way, it seems as though the viewer was taking one long walk in and around the party without stopping, or cutting away from the scene. 





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