Drama x Lil’ Wayne - Intro (Directed by CALMATIC)

We open up with Wayne in a robe stating in front of a mirror sparking a blunt. He’ll start rapping aggressively to himself in the mirror. Next, he’ll turn around and walk into next room. The next room will be a crazy kick back with homies and girls, drinking smoking etc. The camera will then move down and capture Wayne sitting down with a pack of girls, he’ll get up shake his homies hands, grab a gun from one of them and then throw it in the closet and then walk into the next room. This will be the cycle that will continue throughout the whole video. It will feel like a loop. In and out of the same rooms, but every time he enters the room it will be a different set up. With a cool camera trick Wayne will magically already be in the room. One room will have a preacher praying for Wayne and the next room will have a handful of strippers. Just showing what Wayne's life has been like and what goes on in his mind. The good the bad the ugly. 


This is the idea of how each scene will play out in the video. Imagine at the end of every seen Wayne gets up and goes into the next room…

0:00 - 0:33  (Alone) In mirror w/ Robe rapping 

0:33 - 1:00  (Party) In party room like NWA reference sitting with girls, then gets up and shakes homies hands that’s counting money with bitches, then grabs gone from closet

1:00 - 1:10  (Preacher) In room w/ preacher praying for Wayne

1:10 - 1:33  (Strippers) Wayne in hotel surrounded by strippers just causally throwing money on them

1:33 - 1:45  (Reading) Wayne alone sitting down reading a book. Either The Bible or The Art of War, etc. 

1:44 - 1:51  (Lawyers) White men in suits sliding Wayne a briefcase then shaking hands and leaving

1:51 - 1:57  (Alone) Wayne alone in the mirror again like the first scene then walks into the room next door

1:58 - END (Mixtape Assembly Line) We show DJ Drama walking around inspecting a assembly line of beautiful women putting cd’s (We can find a cooler situation to have Drama in but I think this is a solid base for his scene. 


NWA Hotel Scene

Esperanza Spalding - Unconditional Love

Childish Gambino - Sweatpants 

Kari Faux - Fantasy