Budir Black Church, Iceland

Budir Black Church, Iceland

We open on a wide shot of church painted in all black as a group of slaves walk into frame chained together as they chant the opening of the song. When suddenly one of the slaves falls to the ground and begins speaking in tongues. He breaks out of his chains and runs to the slave master as we cut to a slow motion close up of him getting decked in the face as we match cut to a young kid getting punched in the face.

Quick shots almost like photographs paint the idea of FEAR in America through the eyes of different races/people.

Throughout the video we see a group of young people whipping recklessly around town in an old school car. During the heightend moments at the end of kendrick verse we flip it around the 6:08 mark of the song. As Kendrick walks passed the nearly gets hit by the car walking down the street. 

At the 6:10 mark we cut to a portraiture style shot of a young black kid in an large open landscape wearing a brown shirt. We follow up with another grand landscape shot but with more kids standing still staring at the camera staggered in the frame. Then to the final landscape shot in an open field with a lot of young black kids wearing white tees standing on old wooden baseball-field bleachers in the middle of the field.