The video starts off with a high wide view of the desert at dusk as Flo Rida races down the empty highway in a crazy sports car. He arrives at a local diner in search of some food before a wild night out. That's when a beautiful/ugly duckling waitress approaches his table to take his order. She seems like she's had a rough night so he flirts with her in hopes of cheering her up, but, to no avail.

He leaves her a generous tip and goes off to enjoy a night at a nearby strip-club. He enters the hole in the wall strip club but to his surprise the inside has a very unique atmosphere. There are some very strange characters inside (truckers, old men, businessmen etc.) but there are also beautiful women everywhere. He chills and counts his money, waiting for the right woman to grace the stage. He notices a beautiful dancer approaching the stage, she starts dancing and has the attention of every person inside. Flo Rida realized that it's the waitress from earlier that is ripping the stage. They throw money as Flo Rida is becoming truly entranced by her, she notices him and teases him. After she's done on stage she motions for him to follow her to a private room.

Once in the private room, she gives Flo Rida the most amazing lap dance. He can't believe it, he falls deeper in love with every move. He then grabs her hand and takes her outside. Once outside, she dances around him as he performs in front of his car. There will be a few abandoned cars in the background. As the song reaches this climactic point the cars in the background will explode and catch flame. They will give a SHOW STOPPING performance in front of the blazing cars and then we finish the video with Flo Rida and his favorite dancers driving away into the the darkness as the cars blaze behind them.