An honest portrayal of kids in small town trying to just figure it out one day at a time. 

This video will tap into that moment that seniors going through during the final phases of high school. That exciting yet scary time where everything has come to and end but at the same time it's just getting started. Heartache, happiness, curiosity, rebelliousness are all in play at the same time. The last day of school. 

The video starts off at the school early in the morning before the first bell rings. Khalid is hanging out in a staircase with his crew of friends. They’re tired and lazy, sort of slouching around waiting for the bell ring. This is the last day of school and at this point they are just going through the motions. 

They eventually drag themselves into their dull classrooms. No one cares. Teachers included. Some kids are sleep, some are laughing and playing around the class room. 

We’ll then cut to students in a  bunch of situations around the school. 

Khalid and a friend sit in the bleachers of the high school watching his crush on the cheerleading squad practice on the field. As the girls practice, one of them we'll be thrown into the clear blue sky. 

A girl walking about campus crying.  She has just been broken up with. Her friends try to cheer her up. 

Kids clearing out their lockers. A rebellious group of kids smoke in the locker room, skating down the halls, couples making out in the cuts. And just a bunch of other small vignettes that reflect the energy of this time. 

We then cut to lunch time. Khalid hangs out with his friends, everyone is giving there final goodbyes, hugs, taking polaroid pictures of each other, signing yearbooks, dancing, listen to music, playing around, etc. 

We then cut back to the school being let out as the students file out of the class rooms and into their cars in the parking lot.

Khalid and his group of friends are roaming around campus, they then find a fence to hop and run onto the football field. Everyone’s having fun and celebrating the taste of freedom as the sunsets over the campus, we see the silhouetted bodies as the video ends.

Throughout all this, we will find different locations throughout the school for Khalid to deliver potent master performance shots. Some intimate and secluded and the others amongst friends as part of the loose narrative.


As an added element we will have a cool cameo by a few actors from one of the teen movies that this video is inspired by. For example it would be cool if Khalid was playing catch with James Vanderveek from Varsity Blues or Mario Lopez as a PE teacher. Targeted cameos: Mario Lopez, Mark Paul-Gosselaar, James Van Der Beek, Jaleel White, Wayne Brady (as principle) Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prince Jr.,Rachel Leigh Cook, etc.

We will also have tons of portrait shots of the different kids in the school, showing the unique personalities and styles of all the kids.