An honest portrayal of kids in small town trying to just figure it out one day at a time. 

This video will tap into that moment that seniors going through during the final phases of high school. That exciting yet scary time where everything has come to and end but at the same time it's just getting started. Heartache, happiness, curiosity, rebelliousness are all in play at the same time.

The video starts off with wide static establishing shots of El Paso, spots Khalid holds close to his heart. As the beat crawls in we intercut portrait editorial style shots of an eclectic group of kids that we will follow throughout the video.

We follow them as they go through their normal routine leading up to school (waking up, getting dress, taking the bus, walking to class, etc. Once at school they interact in the hallways and eventually drag themselves into their non-amusing classrooms. The school years almost over, no one cares.

Next we'll show a young guy in the bleachers of the high school watching his crush on the cheerleading squad practice. As the girls practice, one of them we'll be thrown into the clear blue sky. When they land we will instantly cut to her landing inside a gym packed full of students.  

We're now in a prep rally, a day to celebrate the senior class. Everyone's having fun and celebrating the taste of freedom. We follow a couple of  kids hanging out and watching the rally, while a few "rebels" see it as clear opportunity to sneak out of the school.

We catch up with the bunch outside a small shopping center trying to figure out what to do since they live in such a small town with not much to do. So they just kinda hang around racing shopping carts and getting snacks from the local liquor store or doing donuts in an empty parking lot.

We then cut to another another girl walking about campus crying.  She has just been broken up with. Her friends cheer her up as the sunsets on an empty campus.

As night falls, all of the kids show up at a senior grad house party in the small town and all interact and turn up together with some starting to fall for each other. The party would be a really fun portrayal of release with kids running around shooting off fireworks, making out, dancing and just being free. 


Note: Throughout all this, we will find different locations for Khalid to perform and interact with friends as part of the loose narrative.