The video starts off in black and white, with Breezy and his fine lady friend celebrating a special day (birthday/anniversary). Breezy hands her a gift and then tells her that he has another gift for her. He grabs her close and tells her to close her eyes and chant "There's no place like home, there's no place like home." The girl closes her eyes and begins the chant while clicking her hills. We then fade into a day dream...

She opens her eyes and theres a colorful display of love set up for her. The monument is in the middle of the hood. Full of ribbons, balloons and other creative colorful pieces. She cant believe it she's in aww as they look on to the display. 

Next Breezy looks over to Knxwledge and says "Hit it!". Knxwledge then starts to conduct a trio of violinist. These violinists are made up of random locals from the hood. A little girl, a gang member and a cracked out looking dude. He starts to guide them through the string arrangements while still programming the drums on his drum machine. This will continue throughout the video.

Meanwhile Breezy while grab his girls hand and they will walk up near the monument and begin a romantic/sexy dance as Breezy performs the song. They will be in their own world dancing and flirting. It would be dope to hire a really dope dancer to have her do some dope abstract movements. While they're dancing, locals at the park will be looking at them confused and at the same time entertained because nothing like this usually happens around here.

They dance throughout the whole song and in the end we cut back to them in the black white scene and she will open her eyes and say "Umm I dont see nothing" and then Breezy says, "C'mon baby you gotta try harder. 

Heres is a link to the main references from Spike Lee's "She's Gotta Have It" film: http://www.mysimyg.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=319&Itemid=17

Also see photo references below.