Wale ft. Eric Bellinger - "One Reason" (Directed by CALMATIC)

Wale could flex on these hoes, but...


For One Reason we'll go inside of the head of a ladies man thats had his fair share of experiences with the ladies in a particular city. He has plenty of exes and old flings that has constantly see's on social media. He knows who they really are so when he sees them try to flex online he sort of looks at them with the side eye because he knows the real situation. 

The video will start off from Wales POV. He will walk to a seat and pick up his phone. His phone will then become the full screen of the music video and we watch Wale as he navigates Instagram (obviously we'll have to come up with a fictitious name to replace it.)

Once on this site we will show a picture of each girl he is talking about (Lisa with the C cups etc.) The pictures will then come to life as he scrolls down the timeline.  

During Wale's verse the phone will then go to the self facing camera, while Wale is holding the phone in his hand the phone will show him looking down into the camera rapping his verse while we see a woman's arms rubbing his shoulders and neck w/o seeing her face. This effect will feel like Kanye's mirror scene in "All Falls Down".  Wale then cancels the video he was about to post and continues to scroll down the timeline.

He sees Eric Bellinger's page which will be a great moment for a performance scene. Next he'll see one of his exes on his timeline she will have a picture in a nice mansion pool side and the caption will say something "Upgraded, my new man better than my ex". One of the comments down below will say something like "isn't Wale your ex 👀". Wale will see this and start to comment  but then he deletes what he's typing and then turns his camera on , he'll pull the camera and film 8 strippers in his mansion twerking and dancing and front of him. He'll snap the pic and post it online, "flexing". 


Note: I'm down with adjusting the treatment based on Wales creative preference , but I still want to keep the phone screen concept. 


The main reference will be this video. Obviously its old but just imagine an updated 2016 version of this...

Refernce for POV angles when Wale is holding the phone.

References for the girls in Wales house.

Another reference on the caliber of girls and how they'll move in the frame.