Lizzo - "Where The Hell My Phone" (Directed by CALMATIC)

White Room

Lizzo performing in white room with two back ground dancers. This is the main performance shot. Black and white coloring and static camera movement. 

Foot Scene

Lizzo will be walking down the street at night in a dark alley with a car following behind her. First there will be a close up of her shoes walking around the trash and then we'll cut to a wide where we'll see the car behind her following. It will be cool if the car is driving with out anyone in it.


Lizzo will be MC'ing a dance contest in a warehouse type of location. Voguing. 3 to 5 guys dancing while Lizzo is on the mic performing the song. A main reference for this is these scenes from the documentary "Paris Is Burning".  


Lizzo will be standing implied nude in front of a black background. She will be crying while shes performing the song. She's crying because she cant find her phone.

Then later on in the vid we will have a moment where we're close on her crying face and then pull back to show her sitting on a pile of dirt. Like the references below.