Every kid dreams of being a huge star. A big house, nice cars, all the clothes and jewelry the world has to offer. Tons of money with all of your friends around. What if you woke up one morning and that dream actually came true? For one special beautiful young girl, it will. 

The video starts off on an overhead shot of a young black girl in bed waking up in a large bedroom. The camera will track behind her as she hops up out of her king size bed and opens the large double doors to reveal a large lavish mansion. She trows on her custom robe and slippers and walks down a windy staircase past the butler (played by a kid also) holding her favorite breakfast on a tray ...candy and desserts.

After she picks a treat she freely roams down the mansions halls in awe of all her accomplishments on the wall. Plaques, awards, movie posters, magazine covers, etc. She is stunned and can't believe she is the biggest star in the universe. As she passes the faces on the posters, covers, etc. come to life. 

Next she walks into her closet where she has all the prettiest clothes in the world. She will be meet by another little girl who is her personal stylists. She sits in the mirror and does her make up. They try on fun wigs until she settles on two beautiful afro puffs. They then will play dress up and try on all the most lavish/creative clothes money can buy, until our main girl picks out her final funky outfit to wear for the day.

Next she hops on her phone and calls all her friends, we will show a split screen of her friends picking up the line as she tells them to come over and see how cool her life is now. After she hangs up and limousine will pull up to the house as the driver played by DIPLO opens the door to let all the girls out. Imagine a little girl version of "The Entourage".  Our main girl opens up the door as her friends run in to see what this fun house has to offer. 

They roam the house looking for all the fun the house has to offer. In one room we'll find a huge Moon Bouncer. We highlight this with slo-mo shots of the kids jumping and having fun. A couple of more options could be a room full of balls like Chuck-E-Cheese.

Note: all these game/fun options are subject to change once we get in the details of creative.

The kids race through the halls on hover boards while running around having having a giant nerf gun battle. Next she'll take all her friends into the garage to show a line up of  dope sports cars that turn out to be small electric carts for kids! We would get shots of the kids racing through the house and around the property having a blast!

Next we'll go into the private theatre where they'll be watching their favorite cartoon on a huge screen with popcorn flying everywhere with the kids are watching cartoons on a giant screen. This will be a good space to put something cool on the screen maybe a bizzare kids movie with Yachty and Santi as the stars. They'll have a popcorn fight at the end of this scene. 

As the kids are roaming around the house, we will have Santigold appear in the scenes as if she's just an observer 6th Man/Christmas Carol style. She will be visible but the girls in the scene wont interact or acknowledge her. 

We end the video with our main girl starring into the mirror looking and admiring how beautiful she is. When all of a sudden we SNAP back to reality. It's her friends playing with a miniature doll house putting on a very boring tea party. As the girls mimic a couple of proper ladies sipping tea with great posture and poise, our main girl sits in the background away from the girls with a bored sad look on her face and she says, "this is boring". 



I would like to design this world from Santigold's eccentric artistic perspective. I would like to collaborate with her to put in themes and ideas that can make this visual stand out. Ideas like the above photo with the cheese puffs and all her amazing wardrobe choices. From set design, to styling and the actual actions/games the kids play, I think we can create a world that no one has seen before.