Lil' Uzi Vert- P's & Q's (Directed by CALMATIC)

For this video we will take Lil' Uzi and have him perform in different setups mimicking iconic hip hop covers. This will be cool because there is so much controversy with Uzi and his views on "old school hip hop" vs the new era of rockstar hip hop. We'll go through a series of performances on the covers and then finally at the end we cut to a young teenager thumbing through a crate of vinyls. He'll yell out to his homie "aye man you got some new shit!? I'm tryna hear that go crazy shit. His homie will yell "Yeah nigga look in the back of the crate." The young kid will thumb through to the end of the crate and find a Lil Uzi Vert album and then say "Yeah this that shit right here! Put this on..." Even though this video will strike some nerves of some hip hop heads, my goal is to really let people see how hip hop is seamless and the aesthetics have been the same throughout time. The raps are different but the spirit and energy is still there.



These are the some of the album covers we should use: