Wiz Kid - Dirty Ride by CALMATIC

Video starts off with Wiz Kid working at a dope clothing and sneaker store. He's listening to headphones not doing his jobs so his boss yells at him. As he's yelling at him Wiz sees the most beautiful girl in the world walking down the street with two of her friends. He takes his headphones off, tosses them to his boss and runs out the store.

He see's the girls walking down the street and he tries to get their attention. His two friends are hanging out on the street and join him in his pursuit for love at first site. Wiz is performing to the girl as the girls giggle and blush at the guys pursuing them with cool moves and swag. 

The chase leads them to an alley where there is a street soccer game going on. Wiz and the guys join for a second, he does a quick juke with the ball and kicks the ball into the goal. The girls are bit impressed by his soccer moves so they move in.

Wiz and his two friends come face to face with our main girl and her two friends. They begin to flirt with each other and then it turns into a battle with sexy dance moves. Our main girl breaks out of her shy shell and grinds on Wiz unexpectedly. As Wiz reacts to her moves she blows him off and walks off to nearby car.

Wiz follows her into the backseat of the car where they have a very intimate moment. Wiz finally wins her over with a dope performance and she puts her number in his phone.

We end the video with a super dope performance shot with Wiz and our main girl dancing and performing in front of the super dope ride. The naughty ride.