Lil Uzi Vert - XO TOUR Llif3 by CALMATIC

The video starts off with Uzi walking on a plane with designer luggage. The plane is filled with a mixture of beautiful women and Uzi's homies with some normal people sprinkled throughout. Uzi and his homies stumble down the aisle to his seat.  He's exhausted and tripping so he plops down in first class and immediately lays down with his headphones on. All of a sudden a BEAUTIFUL but uptight flight attendant comes to him and politely asks him to put his seat belt on for take off. Uzi just looks at her and smiles. She insists that he listens to her but Uzi just ignores and does what he wants. The flight attendant storms off super annoyed as the plane takes flight. 

Next, Uzi gets a boost of energy and hops out of his seat and proceeds to walk down the aisles and turn the flight into a full on party with a dope performance. It starts off with him stumbling down the aisle and then ending up sitting next to two beautiful girls. They look at Uzi and flirt a little bit. This is when he realizes that it’s lit. He hops up and notices more girls having fun, thats when another flight attendant is making her way down the isle with drinks for everyone.

It's officially going down now. Uzi and a few of homies are dancing and partying with the girls. Doing everything under the sun, drinking, smoking, sexing, you name it. This is a dream flight for anyone. (Note: We can discuss which specific moments we want to include.) Meanwhile, the original flight attendant is furious and is trying to calm everyone down. She's on some sort of phone reporting what’s going on. Suddenly the plane drops and the turbulence sign comes on. The pilot loses control and comes out the cabin saying the plane is crashing. Everyone is panicking at first, but then they realize that hey if the plane crashes they might as well die having a good time. We’ll use slow motion shots to show everyone having a good time, models dancing with the pilot, animals, all kinds of weird shit happening. 

The flight attendant then turns down the lights and switches them to a cool color. She lets her hair down and unbuttons her blouse. She's now in the party and not giving a fuck.  Uzi then moves to the thermostat and cranks the temperature up. The girls on the plane start to get sweaty and hot so they start taking clothes off. Next thing you know, Uzi is surrounded by a million girls in underwear including the uptight flight attendant. They spray alcohol and turn up as the plane nose dives to destruction.

As the plane shakes more they continue to turn up until we reach the final climax when suddenly the plane signal beeps and we cut to Lil' Uzi waking on a normal plane next to a bunch of normal people. The beautiful flight attendant is standing over him and says “Sorry I know this isn't professional, but can I have your autograph? I'm a huge fan." And Uzi signs a napkin "XO"


Simultaneously we’ll have a separate performance shot of Uzi in a dark empty warehouse performing with a rock band. Crazy lights and huge speakers set up behind him. 



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